quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Reasons #2 - "We start giving you nicknames"

I've been reading some blog posts at MIT's admissions page, and there are lots of different posts (I'm  going to talk about some latter).
Some of them really make me remember of my old school, I read about the way they read student's applications, and they simply say amazing things, I remembered how my ex-teachers were worried about us, they made us feel important, we felt amazing, the relation teacher-student was great and helped me a lot.
I read this sentence "We make that leap from reading words on a page and seeing cold numbers on a screen to getting attached to you as a person. We start giving you nicknames, imagining you on campus, and hypothesizing where you'll live and who you'll hang out with. (We sometimes even consider matchmaking, and then decide that's way too creepy.)" and I though " Wow they really care about us.
Well I'm going to read a little bit more of this posts (is this sentence well written?).



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